December 16, 2019

ACS has planned a series of research projects to promote Chinese civilization. In the early development of ACS, it was decided that its first mission would be to foster a sense of national cultural identity among the younger generation.

After years of preparation and hard work, we have built a major educational website for Chinese culture—Splendid Chinese Culture ( It allows Hong Kong students to experience the vastness and greatness of Chinese culture.

We will continue to launch research projects and activities to promote the exchange of Chinese culture.

Our work

Since its establishment, ACS has actively participated in academic activities, as well as in national and international symposia as just two of its efforts to promote cultural exchange. Scholars from both China and abroad have been invited to give lectures. ACS maintains contact with respected specialists of various disciplines in both mainland China and elsewhere. Many of these specialists have generously agreed to serve as consultants to ACS. Currently, there are more than a hundred consulting scholars and institutions, forming an immense academic network. In addition, ACS has also built sound collaborative relationships with many academic and educational institutions, all of whom have strongly encouraged and supported our work.

The work of ACS has been recognized and financed by organizations and individuals including Sir Run Run Shaw (Shao Yifu) through the auspices of the Shaw Prize Foundation, Sir Gordon Wu Ying-Sheun, Mr. Eddie Ho Ping-chang, the Hopewell Charitable Foundation Ltd., Mr. Charles Lee Yeh-kwong, Dr. Dennis Sun Tai-lun, and Mr. Au Weng-hei.

Splendid Chinese Culture—An Educational Website

The Splendid Chinese Culture website is an interactive learning environment that supplements the requirement for topical studies as put forward in the recent curriculum reform.

In building the website, ACS has been supported by the academic community in both Hong Kong and mainland China. Experts and scholars from both have advised and edited each topic, ensuring the accuracy and authority of the material.

The launching of the Splendid Chinese Culture website has been met enthusiastically by all sectors of the education community. The Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau (currently Education Bureau), the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council, principals, teachers, as well as students have expressed recognition and appreciation for the website’s content. Looking ahead, ACS will carry forward cultural exchange and cooperation with the mainland, improve the website content, and enhance the application of advanced information technology to meet the increasingly diversified expectation of the readership, in order to contribute to the education of Chinese culture.

Splendid Chinese Culture—An online learning program covering 18 categories