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Mr. Jin Baoyuan

Mr. Jin Baoyuan (1926–2002), a native of Shanghai and a renowned photographer of ancient architecture, once served as photojournalist for the Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House and Science Pictorial, as well as head of the Photography Studio of Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers. He became a member of the China Photographers Association in 1980, and honorary member of the Shanghai Photographers Association in 1981.

Mr. Jin had always loved Chinese culture and had travelled widely all across the country, capturing the mental attitude and deep-seated culture of modern China with his keen sense of touch and photographic eye. His China Karst received an Achievement Award in Scientific Research from the National Science Conference in December 1978; his 5000 Years of Chinese Costumes won the Merit Award for the 25th American Design Hall CH84 in 1984; and his Chinese Dwellings was granted First Prize in the 8th Chinese Books Award in 1994. Despite his age, he had continued with his creative photographic works focusing on the themes of Chinese dwellings, southern Chinese halls, and ancient Chinese academies—all of which enjoyed nation-wide acclaim. Leaving behind him a beautiful and splendid silhouette for the country and the people, Mr. Jin has been recognized as an outstanding figure in Chinese photography.

Moreover, Mr. Jin taught a great number of students with care and love, which, along with his magnanimity and amiability, won him the respectful title “laoshi” (teacher).

Mr. Jin Baoyuan’s contribution to Splendid Chinese Culture:

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Anniversary of the Launching of the Splendid Chinese Culture

November 1, 2001, ACS saw its grand event—the first anniversary of the launching of the Splendid Chinese Culture and the awards ceremony for the selection of the website’s best topic—successfully staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The ceremony was honored to have as our special guests Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Chief Executive of HKSAR (the then member of the Executive Council of HKSAR), Mrs. Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, JP, permanent secretary for the Education and Manpower Bureau (currently Education Bureau), and Dr. Rosanna Wong, Chair of the Hong Kong Education Commission. Over 400 people attended this lively, grand event.

Presided over by Miss Huang Deru, a famous mistress of ceremonies, the ceremony began with the performance of a piece of Chinese music Hua Hao Yue Yuan (Blooming flowers and full moon) performed by the Diocesan Boys’ School. In their speeches at the meeting, Mr. Leung and Mrs. Law likened the website to a key to the Chinese treasure house of knowledge, and gave full positive approval and recognition to the website and to efforts of those who worked on, which greatly encouraged the staff of the Academy. Soon thereafter, led by Mr. Lee Yeh-kwong, Chairman of the ACS Council, the four special guests performed the main ritual of the ceremony, the lighting of a globe, which, symbolized the light of the great Chinese civilization that will continue to shine for generations.
After the lighting ceremony, one short film was shown depicting the course of development of the website, which included reviews and comments from Professor Ji Xianlin, master of Chinese culture, and other scholars, enabling the guests to obtain a deeper understanding of the contents and features of the website.
In concert with the anniversary celebration, a poll to select the website’s best topics was conducted—there was a warm response from all Hong Kong secondary schools with over 16,000 votes coming in. The results were published and awards presented on the day of the ceremony. Many teachers reflected their views. They thought this is a rare and enlightening type of thematic learning as well as an outreach activity for Chinese culture. Students can not only utilize information technology for interactive learning through this activity, but they also can further understand, reflect on, and recognize the essence of Chinese culture.

All the students jumped for joy when the mistress of ceremonies announced the result for the selection of “My Favorite Topic, Film, and Game”—the characters, games, and films in the “Three Kingdoms” entry were the best liked. The result was well within expectations which may reflect the interests and preferences of today’s secondary students. A total of twenty-four awards were presented. In addition to encouraging the participating students to continue their efforts to learn, we also hoped to arouse students’ interest in further exploring Chinese culture.  

In the second half of the ceremony, a symposium, “Chinese Culture—Popularization and Promotion,” was held. Professor Cheng Kai-ming, vice president of The University of Hong Kong, Professor Chan Wing-wah, member of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and head of the Department of Music of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Yu Siu-wah at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Hui Chin-yim, principal and chairman of the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council were invited to be our guest speakers. They each offered their own opinions on the cultural topics, presented unique ideas and constructive proposals, and shared their experiences in studying Chinese culture with all of the guests as well as teachers and students, from which all present greatly benefitted.

The event was inspiring and successful. Since its official opening in October 2001 and by the anniversary celebration on November 1, 2001, Splendid Chinese Culture has received over 10 million visits and 82.272 million clicks. This was really an encouraging figure, which not only indicated that our past efforts have received wide social and community recognition, but also spurred us on to continue to work closely together, creating more spectacular topics in concert with curriculum development.